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Hello you, welcome to the online world.

If you have your shop or if you sell your own Products or Service offline you need to get a website.

Because the whole world is jumping into the Pit of Technology in search of million-dollar opportunities no one wants to miss that Online Money right.

This is a post about ” How you need to select a Proper domain name“.

Domain Name

Let’s get Started.

Find your niche | Category

First of all Define your target Why exactly you are building your website & What is the purpose of it.

For Example:

Let’s Say I want to build Blog Website which Review the Gadget.

Here Gadget review Comes under Technology.

As my name is Sagar So, I can go with

It’s your wish if you want to go with any name as you like

Things To Avoid

  • Better no to use the number if it does make sense to your brand or niche please go with it.
  • Don’t use Dash(-) or other symbols.
  • Better to keep words less than 12.
  • Always make sure to use simple words.
  • Don’t use random words like, ( Not Recommended )
  • Keep it simple & words should make sense to your niche or brand.

If you are not sure about Domain Name Just Go to Domain Name Checker

Domain Name Checker

As you can see in above image is Available.

  • Why I selected 1
  • Of course, my Actual name is Sagar

Branding is every thing in business industry first you need to make people trust your company.

Here, I want to be a brand that’s the reason i’ve added my name.

  • Gadget Review is my Focused Niche

GADGET REVIEW is where I’m focusing based on this niche I can Review any electronic Gadget.

  • .com is a Top-level Domain

What is Top Level Domain Name?

The name which differentiate from other like & is not same however it is used based on location & Intent of use. Generally For Bloggers or Business better to use .COM

You might ask

  • Why Use Top Level Domain Name?

    If you search on google most used is .com Due to high usage in this world it’s human friendly or you can remember it with ease. however, .com are much expensive then .xyz or other low-level Domain.

End Of Example

Company to buy Domain Name

There are a whole lot of companies that sell domain names but, we need domain at an affordable price with good service with low downtime.

I personally Recommend only 2 Companies o buy domain name.

  • Name Cheap
Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!
  • Hostinger

Guys According to my experience, If you want only domain name you with the Name Cheap else if you want both Domain & Hosting then go with Hostinger.

Domain Keyword Search

I hope you followed my above steps.

Reason behind My recommended companies are fast, Cheaper, Reliable.

{ Image add }

Go to Search box type keyword or name as your wish.

you will get all the availability. Like .com .org .in .us… You need to select accordingly.

Bloggers: If you are a beginner and you are blogging for AdSense then use Top-level Domain Names Only.

Example :
Domain Name Checker

As you saw above I typed in as This Domain was Available for me.

Example Ends

You can go here to see list of Top level domains And go down & you will find related questions with information.

Top-Level Domain Name

Here are some Top-Level Domain Extention.

•Com / •Org / •Co / •App / •Io / •Net / •Ai / •Tech / •Me / •Dev / •Online / •Shop / •Site / •Club / •Design / •Space / •Us / •Academy / •Blog / •Art / •Asia / •At/ •Attorney / •com.Au / •AUCTION & several more…

you can go with any of these.

Let’s see who use which?

.com is known as Commercial: This can be used by Bloggers, Companies,.. use .com if your intent is making money out of it.

.Org is also known as Organization: This Domain extension is used by non-profit Organizations.

yep, .net, .AI, .Blog, Academy… Depends on your requirements.

Domain Time Term

Domain Time Term is one of the most important factor.

After buying domain names most of the people forget to renew their Domain Name.

For Example:

Recently, few years back my friend registered a domain name for 1 year & created website on that domain name.

after 1 year he forgot to renew the domain name.

Domain name got expired and purchased by another person.

Example end

so, better to keep your domain name renewing each year.

Another best option is Register Domain for 5 years.

Cheap Domain Name

You will get Domain in under 50 USD for 5 years

Cheap Domain Name

You will get Domain in under 100 USD for 10 years

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

Buy Domain Now

If you are trying to start blog / website better not to try You have to start now at any cost.

This is your time This is ” Now or Never “.

Domain Expiration

If you already had domain previously.

  • You can go to Expired Domains.
  • There are millions of websites you need to find you domain.
  • Finding domain is finding needle in a hair stack.
  • If your domain is available then & If you can afford the price for domain, then congratulations.
  • Just go &build your blog or website now.
  • Else, you can buy in above given link.

Properly Search Domain Name.

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