This is an intro about: should You use building links on your blog posts?

If you should, What’s the reason?

These things are what i explained below.

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Link Building is the most important process in the blog content.

If you are beginner then, just follow my steps I will show you how important link Building is:

Go to

  • Below image of google search
best link building practices

Click on any link you would like.

  • Below image of click on any result on search
best link building practices

you will find many Link Building Practices on there blog posts.

Below image of links on blog posts on my other blog post – create a blog for free

best link building practices

Best Link Building Practices

Internal And External Linking

This is clear linking tactics are used everywhere on the web but, building the Spam link can hurt you in the long run.

Some Short Insight About Link Building on your Blog Posts

What is Link Building?

  • It is a process of adding a link where ever needed on an article or blog post. Visitors easily navigate through your blog website.
  • Let’s see from a google bot perspective. as google bot crawls on your blog post it goes through every part (text, images, links, videos..) of your blog post. when Google bot touches links it goes through that link as well in this way Google bot crawls your entire blog website.
  • This is exact reason why many blog experts say internal linking is very important.

2 Types of link building

  • In-Bound [Internal] Linking
  • Out-Bound [External] linking

Internal Linking in Best Link Building Practices

Internal And External Linking

Internal Linking: It is a process of adding existing links to blog post where that link is from your blog post.

Let’s see an example in action

So, all the above links are internal links.

hey let’s do a experiment here: why don’t you click on one of above 4 links

Let’s see how good internal links are to your blog website.

Internal linking practices found more use full to the reader and huge growth to blog owner as well.

  • infographics of an increase in page views.
on page time
  • infographics of an increase in on-page time.
google ranking
  • infographics of an increase in google ranking.
best link building practices
  • infographics of an increase in visitor engagement.

As there is an increase in page views, on-page time, visitor engagement. Google takes it as a good ranking factor signal and push that particular blog post to the top and there also a chance increase in CTR ( Click Through Rate )

best link building practices
  • infographics of an increase in on CTR.

more internal links on a blog means according to visitor understanding ” This blog has a lot of content” were it becomes a trusting factor.

As a trusting factor increases traffic increases as well, you might ask :

how does traffic increase on the trusting factor?

* well, In simple words when a visitor starts trusting your blog. They keep sharing on social media.

* heck, they even give a do-follow backlink to your blog.

External Linking

Internal And External Linking

External Linking: It is the process, Adding a link to your blog post of other blogs.

Let’s see an example in action

  • Go to this link – Create Blog For Free
  • Scroll down you will find some buttons which links outer website.

External links are also known as outbound links.

Here are some use of outbound links

  • Increase Ranking in google.
  • Builds new relationships between bloggers
  • There are many other factors to discuss.
  • External link In-Depth from Moz & Semrush <- This is also an external / Outbound link.

Question On Link Building

Internal And External Linking

Now Let’s see some questions-

how Google Bot crawl your website?

* On Request.
* Randomly

How often Google bots crawl a site?

* of course, At the beginning of your blog post published.
* Due to some reason you might have requested the removal or clear cache or randomly Googlebot crawl’s your site.

How to index blog posts on a search console?

* After publishing your blog post.
* Copy the link of your blog post.
* Go to Google Search Console.
* Click on the URL Inspection in the menu.
* Then, Paste your Blog post link or URL and click Enter.


Best Link Building Practices for Blog Beginners.

At the End Best Link Building is very important.

It can be either Beginner, Median, or Advanced Bloggers.

I hope you found this blog post very helpful.

Any further Updates will be published soon.


Signing off, Sagar

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