YouTube Studio Setup

Best YouTube Studio Setup


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youtube studio setup

Things Required

Youtube Studio Setup

List of Required things

Here I’m going to divide two sections for you

Section 1 and 2.

Section 1 – designed for a very very small budget.

  • Phone with Camera
  • Green Screen.
  • Tripod stand
  • Video editing software

Section 2 – designed for medium type budget.

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod stand
  • Green screen
  • Video editing software
  • lightning [ Will be updated soon ]

Create Youtube Channel

Youtube Studio Setup

First of all, create a YouTube channel

Assuming you have a Google account sign-in or else create one.

Below the video is an Official video of YouTube.

After Creating YouTube Channel Click below verify on YouTube similarly how Facebook and Instagram does


Youtube Studio Setup

DIY Equipment for YouTube channel

After a lot of research, i came up with the cheapest equipment on amazon for your youtube channel

Phone With Camera

the phone is like all  in one combo

we got an awesome deal around a few bucks and we are in the budget segment.

Click below button to check more on Amazon


Youtube Studio Setup

In this Youtube Studio Setup Microphone is a must and should because Phones mic is not good as the microphone does so, i personally recommend using the external microphone.

Don’t take the microphone as a big deal but i recommend to buy a very long cable microphone.

Microphone i Personally Use


we got an awesome deal around a few bucks and we are in the budget segment.

Click below button to check more on Amazon

Tripod Stand for Camera

Youtube Studio Setup

Here there is no way this work can be done without Tripod stand.

When you hold Camera or phone in your hand while recording you cannot get stable footage so, these where tripod stand come.

Using a tripod can get you stable footage so, you can record high-quality videos that your viewers can enjoy your video.

Tripod i Personally Use

YouTube Studio Setup

It’s me holding Tripod actually it is as big as me.

I Recommend you guys to use tripod which is minimum in height 1.5 m

If you click the link below you will be redirected to the tripod section you can choose which ever you want.

Green Screen

Youtube Studio Setup

Green screen is not recommended but you with it.

If you are a Professional video editor or live streamer you can go with green screen.

i bought Green screen from amazon India kept it for only live streams and for video editing.

Green Screen
Image From Pixabay

Click below button to check more on Amazon

Video Editing Software

Youtube Studio Setup

i know this is a most controversial question. ”Best Video editing software” This term was a search by million peoples for hundred of times.

Video editor for Mobile

You can search more on Google

Video editor for Pc

If You are beginner in video editing i recommend you to go with Filmora wonder share.

If you are medium or advanced in video editing i recommend you to go for Davinchi Resolve Black magic or go with adobe Premier pro.


Youtube Studio Setup

Signing Off, Sagar

What do you Think?

I hope you like my Post so, let me know in the post which video editing software you use.

Either side let me know in the comment.

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