Welcome to Ter

I’m Sagar Sp a 24-year young Blogger who want to express his views, Opinion, and Experience with the world.

I’ve completed my Computer Science Engineering degree.

I’m the only Single person currently running this blog.

I started this blog 5 years ago.

  • In 2018, For One year I was running this blog on Blogger.com
  • In 2019, After one year, I started using WordPress Hosting on GoDaddy but I was Un-Aware of the Hosting expiration after expiring I asked Godaddy for my content but they charged me 8000 rupees hosting but I was helpless in a fund that’s why I left blogging for 1 year.
  • This is how my blog was looking previously.
Old Ter 1
  • Forgot to tell you previously this website was named Tech Error Eliminator

I’ve created Free & open to using, software for bloggers the software name called Prstha: The Free On-Page SEO Tool.

My Another Tool PRSTha: The Youtube SEO Tool

My Android App was Built by me related to this website – Tech Error Report App download it on Play Store.

To your surprise, I’m a game developer too. download my game from Play Store.

My Two Games –

You can get all of my apps & Games below click on below button.

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To your Surprise, I was a Hobbyist Ethical hacker.

I’ve found bugs, Vulnerabilities in one of the most reputable universities in India Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU).

I’ve been blogging for 2+ years I’m very well experienced in Blogging & SEO.

As my area of expertise increased in Blogging & Search Engine Optimization, I have created my own tool Called Prstha: The free On-Page SEO Tool.

I’ve even created a free course on On-Page SEO Based on my Tool on Udemy.

Udemy Course
  • 36 minutes of In-Demanding Video.
  • Just 17 Steps to Follow.
  • More Than 250+ Students enrolled now.

I do really Write some Awesome Blog Post –

Here are Social media Accounts So, you can contact me Directly.