Name Cheap Vs Hostinger

Name Cheap V/s Hostinger

Hello Bloggers welcome to this post.

I know you are very curious to know about Best Hosting.

Let’s get Started.

Name Cheap Vs Hostinger | Best Hosting For Solo Bloggers

Disclaimer: This is totally based on my Personal Experience & I’m a one-man army for this blog.

This is battle between Name Cheap Vs Hostinger.


Shared Hosting with Namecheap

Best Hosting For Solo Bloggers

Name Cheap Vs Hostinger

This Blog Post is dedicated to people who cannot afford bulky-priced hosting & who work as One-Man Army (Single Blogger).

I’m a solo blogger If you are the same as me then this blog post for you.

As a solo & beginner Blogger, I have selected Shared Hosting.

Some of the main things I considered before buying hosting.

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Security
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Name Cheap Vs Hostinger

name cheap Company pricing

Name Cheap Pricing
Stellar – Rs 115.89/mo
Stellar plus – Rs 196.58/mo
Stellar Business – Rs 352.08/mo

Hostinger Company Pricing

Hostinger Pricing
Single Web Hosting – Rs 79/mo
Premium Web Hosting – Rs 179/mo
Business Web Hosting – Rs 279/mo


If you ask me I would go with hostinger because of the cost It Offers.

There are some other parameters we need to see.

When It comes to cost Hostinger Wins.

So, It’s better not to make hurry let’s check out few other features of the hosting company.


Name Cheap Vs Hostinger

Here speed nothing but “how quickly your website loads“.

How Much Ram Does NameCheap Provide For Stellar Plan?

1 GB, I’m User of Name Cheap so, It was mentioned in cPanel.

SPECSName CheapHostinger
Server TypeNon-Light Speed Server
(Less fast than Hostinger)
Light Speed Server
CPU CoresSingle CoreSingle Core
RAM1GB (Stellar Plan)256 MB
(Single Web Hosting Plan)
Storage Type20GB (SSD)30GB (SSD)


If you ask me Which is the best based on SPECS.

Based on SPECS Hostinger is Go To Option.

There are some other parameters we need to see.

When It comes to Speed Hostinger Wins.

So, It’s better not to make hurry let’s check out few other features of the hosting company.


Name Cheap Vs Hostinger

As a beginner or solo blogger can do every thing right?

So, It’s very Important to someone to help you.

According to my experience Name Cheap does pretty good job.

CompanyName CheapHostinger
Ticket Systemyesyes

Both Company offers Ticket system to resolve problem of customer.

The Name Cheap team Failed when they failed to track malicious script on my website.

At that day I was totally frustrated on Name Cheap company because their anti-virus scanner was not detecting the virus.

I resolved my problem by myself However, It took 2 months to tack down the malicious code.

Malicious Hack was Japanese Keyword Hack & It was Horrible.

I’ve solved my many hacks and cleaned many website databases but They was some what different.

I genuinely don’t have any experience with hostinger support team.


Name Cheap Vs Hostinger

For me when It comes to security I don’t make any compromises.

As Your blog grows You need to maintain lots of data.

In case if there are any website breach/compromise all the data will be gone in wrong hands.

I’m Telling you because I suffered from website breach luckily I kept all the Data Encrypted.

So, let’s see in case of security who wins.

SecurityName CheapHostinger
cPanel ControlYes Full ControlYes Full Control
Auto BackupTwice A WeekWeekly Backups
(Not Sure of No. of times)
Virus ScannerYes
(no a big deal)
(Prevents from getting hacked)
CloudFlareNo Direct AccessYes Direct Access
Hotlink Protectionyesyes

Here I want to clear some things about Virus Scanner

  • name Cheap – According to my experience Name cheap virus scanner does absolute nothing.
  • Hostinger – They use Stack patch. It’s a service where they patch up all the vulnerabilities before even hacker breaks your website.

If you ask me Which is the best based on Security.

Based on Security Hostinger is Go To Option.

When It comes to Security Hostinger Wins.

Then what are you waiting for just go with HOSTINGER.

Final Conclusion


These were my words based on my experiences for Best Hosting For Solo Bloggers.

I hope you loved this & If you find some thing useful.

What ever I wrote in above are my experience and things I actually Use.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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