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Make money online:

The Definitive Guide

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mmo – make money online

this is the ultimate guide for MMO in 2020:

In this post, you are going to learn in-depth knowledge of MMO advanced strategies.

MMO methods with some DIY ideas to boost

yes, you will love this guide.

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money 1
Chapter 1

Money Definition

what is money
Chapter 2

Personal Experience

10 proven ways to make money online
Chapter 3

6 Proven Ways

Chapter 1:

What is money?

In this chapter, we will cover the basic term…

what is money?

why money is used?

when, how and many more…

advantages and disadvantages.

let’s get in-depth.

money online

What is money?

In simple words. money is just a type of medium to exchange goods like products or services.

In more simple words. you give money shopowner you get candy in return.

why, when, how money is used?

why –  To avoid barter system.

when  –  Depends on user needs.

how  – you know better than me to use money.    

Chapter 2:

How to make money online?

In the previous chapter, you read about what is money?

So, in this chapter let’s dive straight into how to make money online?

legit ways …

no, I’m not talking about boring survey, captcha solving or other shit stuff.

with proof (hmm.. this sounds awesome right)

let’s dive-in.

blog with wordpress

make money online

Note: There is nothing like overnight money-making.

Don’t fall for that kinda scam.

I’m not going to waste your time with a bluff.

hey, let me share my personal experience.

before 3 years, I heard about make money online. this word stuck in my ears for the first time.

then I was like what… but how.

I know this is the same reaction you are going to give. only if you are hearing this for the first time.

Chapter 3:

6 proven ways to make money online

YouTube #1:

YouTube is one of the leading industry and it is also known as the world’s second search-engine.

In fact, making money online is not a big deal when it comes to YouTube.

You know what let’s start from the PROOF.

Here are some famous YouTubers with there monthly & yearly income.

ok, my first and favorite YouTuber.

Carry Minati

proof 4

An Indian YouTuber which makes about…

monthly –  $9k per month  just  by  making  videos

yearly –  $108.4k year just by making videos.

proof 5

Typical Gamer

proof 1

monthly –  $5.3k  per month  just  by  playing games

yearly –  $63.7k   per year  just  by  playing games

oh yeah… this is not fake. source: Social Blade

proof 2

hey wait, I will show  you my income from youtube

Play Store Gamer


yeah, i know lol due to some reasons i stop live streaming.

I hope you got the proof.

Ways to make money online on YouTube
  • Google ads
  • Paid Promotion
  • Sponsorship
  • Donation
  • Super Chat
  • Merchandise
  • Selling Service
  • Selling Products
  • Affiliate
  • Do you know any other ways, why don’t comment down?

Blogging #2:

yes, blogging is also a top leading industry in digital marketing.

what is Blogging?  And how you can make money from it.

Blogging is an online journal that gives detailed information.

how much does the bloggers make money per month?
Some big players in this industry


Start blogging from today.

perfect hosting to start blogging for beginners.

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Perfect hosting Professionals

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Podcast #3:

most of them are not familiar with the word  PODCAST – you can just say this is another way to make money online

let see how much you can make money with the podcast…

before that let me give a quick intro.

PODCAST is the digital version of your real voice which is made available on the internet.

Here is the proof...

podcast proof

source: Forbes

According to Forbes podcast industry will be growing by billions.

ok, an example of PODCAST.

Ways to get paid from the podcast

  • Donations
  • Sponsorship
  • paid promotion
  • sell your products
  • crowdfunding
  • affiliate marketing
  • missing something comment below

Freelancing #4:

yes, freelancing is in demand, well you can ask me why & how?

let’s continue…  Whoa, ok you need proof right

These Entrepreneurs work as freelancers in upwork for their clients.

proof 1 1

Jay story source: (

  • $33.00 per hour
  • lifetime earning – $500k+
  • Jobs did – 401
  •  hours worked – 26,356 hrs

proof 2 1

Agus story (source:​m​​)

  • $50.00 per hour.
  • lifetime earning – $500k+
  • Jobs did – 99
  •  hours worked – 10,890 hrs

This is how Upwork gives an opportunity to be better in the world.

You got any skills ” Turn your skills into money.”



Check the skills by sliding

These skills are currently in demand. 

Professional LOGO designers are in demand on Upwork.

Sell on Products #5:

Mainly products are sold on amazon.

Amazon is not a new company i think you need no introduction.

but  definitely you need an intro on “how you can make money through Amazon”

There are 3 ways actually you can make money from amazon.

i will not give proof in this post. I’m planning it for my other post. because from amazon 3 ways i will give you in-depth & real data.

let me know in the comment if you are exited.

Sell Images #6:

just follow these steps – 

  • step 1 – click high-quality beautiful images.
  • step 2 – sell it.

how simple is that, here are some trusted links to sell images.




Adobe Stock



pro tipContent quality is important not quantity.

– sagar sp

What Do You Think?

More New ways will be updated soon…

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which you are going to try from today’s post are you going to sell products or images?

Are you going to sell stock footage? Or going make a video on youtube?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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