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Ok let’s get to the point

According to my experiences, suffering, realization hmm…

Realization” yep, this one is the perfect match to make you understand.

In most case, it’s about you as well

Beginning and after three years of my blog journey, i was behind perfection in writing a blog post I could hardly write 10 blog posts.

{Name of the blog post}

Yes, this is a fact of my life.

ok, let’s get to the point


I would like to categorize into three types

  • Intermediate or beginners Bloggers
  • Median Bloggers
  • Advanced Bloggers

Blog Post Length

The ideal blog post length for beginners and SEO

600 to 650 words

Yes, I recommend you to keep post length up to 650 words.


As a beginner, you need to give more and more content.
As Google starts crawling your website & if you are more focused on quality not on quantity you will get less traffic from google.

writing blog posts length above 1000 words would take time which makes less quantity.

  • Less quality means less traffic
  • Less traffic means more low growth of your website.

So, From the beginning, I do really recommend you to choose quantity over quality unless you have another Source of traffic.

But wait, ” you can increase quality with quantity of your blog post length by following the steps of this tool -> Prstha Tool

The Ideal Blog Post Length for Advanced Bloggers


what is Advanced Blogger refers to?

The Single website which has more that 500 Blog posts were each blog post has contain 650 – 800+ words / Blog Post Length.

Advance bloggers should not compromise in the quality of the blog post length.

So, I do recommend you use the prstha tool. you can estimate the percentage of your blog post quality.

Note :-

If you already wrote the blog post, you can use prstha tool to measure “how much SEO friendly your blog post is”

Ideal blog post length for Advanced Bloggers.

blog post length

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The Ideal Blog Post Length for Median Bloggers

Note :-

Their is nothing like median blogger, it is just my typical way to explain or express.

According to me(Sagar)

What Median Blogger Refers to?

A single website which has in-between 100 – 450 Blog posts.

If fall under median Blogger, you should Compromise neither quality nor quantity.

Who Use Prstha Tool?

Prstha Tool is mainly built for beginner, median bloggers. Advanced users are also welcome to use this tool.

Use 2 technique to Write a blog post using Prstha Tool

  • EE Technique
  • MEOP Technique

Two steps to execute SEO friendly blog post fast

Estimate & Execute (EE) Technique

  • Go to Prstha Tool.
  • Estimate the percentage of the blog post.
  • List all the estimated.
  • Start writing blog post according to the list of the estimation. This is known as Execution in EE Technique.

What if you already wrote blog post?

Measure & Optimize(MEOP) Technique.

  • Go to Prstha Tool
  • Measure the percentage of your written blog post.
  • list un-optimized
  • Start modifying blog post content until Blog Post get SEO Optimized.

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