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In this modern world, the internet has billions of websites with a lot of content.

You can find everything,

I mean everything on the internet.

let’s go through some websites which you must know

let’s dive in

useful websites

Disclamier : You might know some or all of these websites

Photo Sharing Websites

Useful Websites


Instagram is the most popular image-sharing app. Initially, Instagram is known for photo sharing, and after this, they added a feature of video and IGTV (long duration video sharing).

Instagram is Acquired By Facebook due to its rapid growth in users.


An American photo-sharing platform where users use very often to upload Images, Graphics, Illustrations, videos.

If you have a Personal website or Business website, you can get massive traffic to your Pinterest website.


Flickr is one of the oldest photo sharing websites, established in 2004. It is also a free and paid platform.


it’s a paid Photo Sharing platform where you can buy a monthly subscription and download Awesome images, infographics, graphics…


it’s a paid as same as Shutterstock where you can buy a monthly/Yearly subscription and download Awesome images, infographics, graphics…

These are some photo sharing useful websites.

Video Sharing Websites

Useful Websites


I know you might think this is Obvious platform, YouTube is one of the popular & useful website majority of the people come here to consume or watch videos. 

If you become content creator on YouTube. you can get popular.


Vimeo is the same as youtube, but you need to pay a monthly subscription fee billed yearly.

I personally never used Vimeo but by seeing prcng i feel it don’t make any sense to me.

Daily Motion

It has a huge collection of library videos. it’s definitely worth checking it out


lol… Who doesn’t know Instagram? however, In 2018, Instagram launched a feature of long duration video sharing system, where people can upload and Livestream on it.

Now Instagram is owned by Facebook.


It is a Chinese platform where people can share entertainment, comedy, singing, acting, lisping videos duration about 1 min.

These are some Video sharing useful websites.

Blogging Websites

Useful Websites


Blogger is the best platform for bloggers who want to start Blogging.

Blogger is owned by Google.

In fact, is built on blogger before moving to a self-hosted platform.

If you want to become a blogger, you better start with

Blogger is free.


WordPress is a free platform where you can start blogging whereas WordPress does not give much flexibility.

Fun Fact: Before starting, I wrote my first mini-article on this platform after that I switched to blogger.

It’s Free too.


Medium is a website which allows you to write and publish content.

It is totally different from WordPress & Blogger but you can publish content for your personal growth.

If you have Personals blog or online business you can grow your Profile authority and your website Authority.

well, both options are available like free and subscription plan.


As same as others but you can only write micro blog Only Tumblr is owned by Automattic.

Automattic is a same company who own,, Jetpack, WooCommerce For further more information click here.


Postach is a blogging platform and it’s free.

It requries Connection to after EverNote connecting.

It allows you to post.


Typepad is a content or text based sharing platform.

Typepad is was owned by Say Media & sold to Endurance International Group.

It gives 14-Days free trail, you  can try for 14-days trial period. if you like you can go with the subscription Plan.

My Thoughts: I would rather not go because there are free for life are listed above. Dont Hurt Your finger click Here


Reddit is a kinda mix of social media, questioning, News, & content sharing Platform.

People can share content and they can get upvotes or downvotes.

Content can include Text, Images, video format.

Especially, Reddit is the most favorable platform for Bloggers, They can get Thousands of Visitors per day.

These are some blogging useful websites.

Questioning Websites

Useful Websites


It’s a complete Questioning and Answering system.

People can ask questions there are millions of quora users ready to answer.

Quora has a Upvote & Downvoting system, as Reddit.

You get the category to to follow based on your interest.

When it comes to bloggers Quora is a very good platform to gain visitor to their website.


Answer is a platform where you can ask questions & you can provide value to others  by answering them to their question.

It’s same as

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange, it is also a Que-Ans Platform as same as Quora, Reddit, Answers.

It’s a most reputed platform where you can get all answers to all questions.

If you don’t find one Just ask the Question. 


It’s a beast & best platform which includes all… Click here to read Don’t Hurt Your finger

These are some questioning useful websites.

Freelancing websites

Useful Websites


Fiverr is the world’s largest freelancing community and network.

Millions of freelancers are available to deliver their quality content millions of clients get their work done with satisfaction.

If you want your work done by a professional with quality work at a low price you can Signup.

If you have any skill why don’t you make money from it Signup


Freelancer is an Australian based marketplace for freelancers. Just like other websites create account-related skills and start earning money (Speaking of money why don’t read this post (” Make Money Online “)).

Guru is one of the oldest American-based freelancing market places. Just like the above websites, all you need to show your skills and find a job.

People per hour

It’s a UK based freelancer platform. Good places for Business and individual clients for placing work orders. It is one of the biggest freelancer platforms in the World.

These are some freelancing useful websites.

Educational Websites

Useful Websites

Khan Academy

If you are really dedicated to learning something, you need to definitely check Khan Academy.

Khan Academy offer’s all courses for free computer science, finance…

Academic Earth

Academic Earth provides you free online courses, Academic lectures, and gives you subject-based knowledge from the World’s top universities like the University of Michigan, Oxford University, and Stanford University.

It’s Definity worth checking out.

Edx is a free online course provided with over two thousand courses from 140 top leading institutions worldwide. Students and professionals take decent advantage of

Math is Fun

It’s one of the best websites for Math solving. They explain your math very creatively, like puzzles, games, and worksheets.

World Wide Science

World Wide Science is a Science search engine. You will find all kinds of scientific knowledge and discoveries.

They having a vast database of science.

These are some educational useful websites.

Business Websites

Useful Websites


LinkedIn is a mix of business and social media. you can create a profile and connect with others.

LinkedIn allows you to create or join a job.

Business insider

Business Insider is an American financial and business news website. In this, you go through the financial and business activities from all over the world.


Bloomberg is a paid subscription website with business and market analysis providing data of trading news and general news. 

It feature Sucess stories of successful bussiness

Financial Times

Financial times publishing news in digital form. One of the world’s oldest financial newspapers established in 1888.

The platform having news of business & financial Related stuff.


Forbes is the world’s largest magazine which publishes about finance, investments & marketing.

Forbes features the world’s most successful & powerful person.

These are some business useful websites.

Life Study 4:


This is not a final word

what is the conclusion?

I bet you know most of the useful websites.

The websites you knew already or the websites you didn’t know.

either way, Let me know in the comment I will be happy to read your comments.

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