How to Start a Blog:

Beginner to expert

In-depth Ultimate Guide for 2020

Just Take quick note:

My personal experience (mini-case study)

for many years i tried different ways to Make Money online with-out a spending a dime, but turns out waste of time.

I started investing a minimum amount of 30 USD on buying hosting and domain name, thanks for Coupon Codes which saved me over 80 USD.

as i struggled over the years. this In-depth Ultimate Guide to start blog & save your time & money.

you might ask a question, hey sagar i can understand time but how money.

To save your time and money. I got some Coupon code and money saving links for you.

blog with wordpress

Here, what i call as Life Study Instead of Chapters.

I Bet you will love this Guide.

Let's Dive Right-In


Life Study 1
Life Study 2
Life Study 3
Life Study 4

Life Study 1:

Blogging Definition

What is Blog?

In simple words. blog is a welog A.K.A web-log.

A blog is an online journal that contains information.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an act of Producing Quality content or posts to an online journal (Blog).

Who is Blogger?

Person one who write & update the blog Posts.

Life Study 2:

Blogging F.A.Q

This Gives Little Bit Clarity About Blogging

Why Should I Start Blog?

Passion, what matters here. if you love doing stuff like

  • Story writing
  • personal Dairy writing
  • Answering online communities
  • Helping others

If you Got these qualities then you are welcome to Blogging.

Is blogging easy?

I Got two Answers for this Question.

  • YES
  • NO

Yes – Those who copy articles or posts from other websites or authors.  They might feel blogging is easy but google can take those sites down.

No – Bloggers who add their quality content on their effort without steeling others Hard Work.

What is the list of blog niche or categories?

In blogging carrier, you can create your own category but here is some trending niche…

  1. Personal Blog
  2. Niche Blog
  3.  Case studies Blog
  4. Corporate Blog
  5. Financial Blog
  6. Podcast Blog
  7. Food Blog
  8. Travel Blog
  9. Creativeness Blog – Just Kidding

There is no end for blog categories

How Bloggers monetize their Blog?

There are a lot of ways bloggers monetize so, the list goes on

  • Google Adsense
  • Third-Party Ads
  • Affiliate Links
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Paid Promotion Articles
  • many more…

Monetizing Blog Depends on Blogger’s Creativeness. (as previously Not Kidding)

Do Bloggers Make Money?

Yes, In fact, well-established Bloggers generally makeover (est.) 5000-10,000 Dollars per month. Slide to see the data.

in fact below image slider is from the previous post Make Money Online.


Why do bloggers Fail?

Due to the lack of patience.

As per human behavior everything he does, he needs instant success.

But that’s not the case, everything in this world need its own time to grow and blogging takes a lot of time.

For Example, Take me When i was in engineering 1st semester

I used all the shortcuts i could to rank this website and then at last. i realized there are no shortcuts in this world.

What is the benefit of blogging?

Blogging enables bloggers

  • Work from home.
  • Be your own Boss.
  • Passive income.
  • Popularity.
  • Work whenever you want
  • Work once, get the best results for a lifetime.
  • 100% Quit job

Is blogging a good career?

yes, Blogging is a Golden career. once you succeed in gaining traffic at starting then you can Quit so-called “JOB”.

Does your business need a blog?

Business needs a blog to grow in the market place.

A blog for companies enables boost their product & service sales.

The blog enables visitors & customers to understand service or products.

just start blog for business.

How do I write a blog to promote my business?

Title – Write a catchy title.

Description – Write briefly within 50-60 words.

Blog – Write in-depth data or information which describes product or service.

  • use colors in the text.
  • use font style, size, type wise.

How do bloggers rank on Google?

The blog basically ranks on certain conditions and the major is SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

To rank, a blog on google blogger must know “how to use Keywords” “how to optimize title” “Tags usage“.

Basically, Blogging is also known as (A.K.A) Mind Game.

Life Study 3:

Start a Blog

You are going to create & start a blog website without coding.

disclosure: please note Some of the links below are affiliate links at no additional cost to you. Using my link can save you a few dollars. when you make the purchase using my affiliate link, they compensate me, which helps me make an In-depth Ultimate Guide free of cost to you and i recommend the product or service I’ve personally used.

Choose a Category #1:

This is a very important step…

Choose the category you are passionate about. Don’t pick which is irrelevant to you, this can make you quit.

Scroll down to choose the blog Niche.

blog with wordpress
make money online
blog with wordpress
blog with wordpress
blog with wordpress
make money online

Source & credit: Aspiring Bloggers

Pick Brand Name #2:


Pick a name for your blog which is related to your niche because of SEO factor according to me choosing niche related brand name might increase ranking 5-6 percentage on Google at least, it will be user-friendly.

so, speaking of branding, you need a logo. a logo is nothing but a brand and brand is nothing but a trust. if you got any problem with the logo designing. there are experts on Fiverr. 1200x627 Need a logo?


what do you think about this? let me know in the comment.

Domain & Hosting #3:

note: Please do this practically so, you can build beauty blog along with my guide because this guide contain ultimate in-depth step-by-step process.

i will continue assuming you picked a brand name for your blog.

Domain – it is a name that holds an IP address.

for example –,,, many more…

Web Hosting – To make a website available to the public on the internet via  URL (Domain) and to store website files safe & secure.

Image Source:

If you find this error well, actually this is not an error.

This name is already taken by someone.

try to choose different name.

Image source:

if you get this message, wow you are in luck. Don’t let this domain name go from your hand.

Domain Checker Tool

google data

source:  GoogleTrends

Trending & most searched hosting companies on the internet.

Domain name found great let’s own this now.

Click on own now.

Follow this procedure along with this guide.

.com is great but I’m going with .xyz because of a great deal by Name Cheap.

Three hosting companies i recommend to use.

There is a name Cheap eye-catching offer, domain at 1 Dollar per year. that’s the reason I’m going with the name Cheap.

Step 1


you will land on this website Enter name and click on search.

Step 2


Add all the item to cart

  • web hosting (Recommended)
  • positive SSL (Recommended)
  • private email (Free)- (Recommended)
  • Easy WP (Recommended)
  • VPN (Free) (Not-Recommended)
  • Business Card (Free)-(Recommended)


Step 3


All options are Recommended except Domain Registration better to extend up to 5 years.

Note: Once you lose your domain you cannot get it back that’s the reason I’m Recommending to keep 5 years.

let’s go to the next step

Step 4


sign up if you don’t have a name cheap account.

log in if you got an account already.

Step 5


Select the payment method.

Step 6


Using my link can save you up to 70% off as shown above.

Step 7


click terms and agreements and continue to pay.

WordPress installation #4:

WordPress – an open-source CMS platform that is used to build websites A.K.A best for bloggers.


after payment login into your name cheap account.  and go to cpanel.


Next, click on  Softaculous apps installer.


Click on WordPress. press install. you need to provide some details like Blog name, description, email, password…

Theme Installation #5:


Before content, this is how frontend looks but first of all. you need a proper theme.

so, let us pick that up.


this how exactly a backend look.  nothing fancy just a good looking dashboard.


now go as shown above image with arrow marks

Appearance -> Themes


Click on Add New as shown above image with the arrow mark.


Just chose the theme and click on install.

yes, i know these are not premium themes & fewer features.

get full-featured 1,500,00+ premium themes just for less than 16 dollars.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 1,500,000+ WordPress & Design Assets.

this is the blog with dummy text, i used this dummy text to explain you.

this blog post contains Category, Title, Author, Date, Comment, Content.

Blog Post #6:


after installing a theme. there is an option post and again Click on Add New.

Post -> Add New


note: you need to know minimum basic about Html.

This contains various sections header, paragraph, image… just you need to do is click on the block and start writing content.


After the addition of content, there will be a nice blue button “Publish“.

just click on that and you are done. 


this is the blog with dummy text, i used this dummy text to explain you.

this blog post contains Category, Title, Author, Date, Comment, Content.

Life Study 4:


This is not a final word

what is the conclusion?

Building the blog website can be easy but when it comes to maintaining it very difficult.

Starting a blog, start with what you are passionate about.

My questions?

what do you think about this post?

Did you find this blog post helpful? If so, who could you share it with?

What is the biggest thing you’re struggling with right now that I can help you with?


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