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Places to Share After Writing a Blog post

Writing the content and publishing it on the website is not sufficient.

In Order to get extra traffic, you need to share your blog post everywhere.

This post includes some of my tactics

yes, you will love this.

Share After writing Blog post

Do you know:
70 million blog post articles are published every month

Share your article on social media can help you get much visibility.

Consider sharing your content on other platforms Share After writing Blog Post really helps you a lot & gives you a huge Boost.

Places to Share After Writing a Blog post

Share After writing Blog post


Medium permits you to re-publish your existing blog article.

you need to copy a small part of your blog post and paste it on medium & give a link to your complete blog post

Use this platform to increase your blog post organic traffic.

This is the best place to Share After writing Blog post.


Reddit may be the best platform for sharing your content, but it requires to be done in the right method.

Never Spam on Reddit.

Reddit is the most favorable platform for Bloggers, & content writers, freelancers & you can drive Thousands of Visitors per day to your blog post.

To drive traffic you need to post some Content that can include Text, Images, video format after that paste your related blog post link.

LinkedIn Documents Post

Like Medium, LinkedIn allows you to share blog posts on your LinkedIn profile as LinkedIn topics.

These articles currently do not automatically add canonical links,
According to research has shown that Google does not mark this duplicate article.

Thanks to their current network on Linkedln, many users have constituted a strong foundation for subscribing to the articles on the platform.

Users can opt to subscribe to the user a post, which means they will receive a notification every time a user publishes something new.

This platform is the best platform for sharing your article post. especially, Your blog reader does not receive such alert notification unless they subscribe to email notifications.

This is the best place to Share After writing Blog post.

Email Marketing

Promoting your blog through email is an old practice but a new approach to increase your traffic.

Email subscribers are 3.9x more possibility to share your blog post on social media than visitors come from your website.

Email clicking is also often best than CTR on social media posts- The Campaign Monitor has found that you’re 6x more likely to click on an email except than a tweet sent.

This is the best place to Share After writing Blog post.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group is still living and well! Because more social media users are already using Facebook in their free time

Join some blog content related groups and share your article, post one time at a week, while donating to a team if possible. (Join More and More FB Group to Post Article)

Make sure you stay active to chat with group members by answering the question.

so, This is the best place to Share After writing Blog post.

SlideShare Social Marketing

Creating for making good content takes time.

One way to get the most from your article is to take key points and turn them into a Slideshare presentation(It is also PPT).

Only changing the format in which you present your post can help reach an audience.


It’s a Questioning and Answering system.

Quora has been nearby for a long period and is known as an online question and answer website.

Millions of users will be curious to find answers to their questions, As a blogger need to find a relevant question and solve their problem by pasting a blog post link as the answer.

When it comes to bloggers Quora is a very useful platform to get visitors to their website.

yeah, you definitely Share After writing Blog post.

Business 2 Community

This website is a boss in the share of a professionally driven article- a community of thought boss, marketers, writers, etc. They will share the content to come together with their ideas and stories under one roof.

This is a very useful platform for new content writers to get their feet wet with social content marketing. And it’s an excellent place for in-depth and skillful ideas on specific business topics.

Another best tool for sharing content on the market is Listly.

It has both android & IOS. it makes creating a list of content easier.

Once your list is created, you can publish it to your audience.

As a bonus, it also allows your audience to vote on items on your list, giving you more insight into what your audience likes at the moment.


Flipboard has a very simple interface.

Just signup and get started based on the category you can post articles.

Flipboard is available for both Android and Desktop. 

Scoop It

Scoop is a global content management system where it boosts the credibility of readers over all the world.

It strengths the connection between readers and content writer

So, it’s good to check it out & the best place to Share After writing Blog post.

Final Thought

In This Article, Some tips and knowledge sharing with you related to the best platform to share your article, I hope you can understand easily. Friends, This article more and more share. This is a very helpful blog post for your friends.

So, These are some of the best places to Share After writing Blog post.

This is where you can make a lot money 

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More New ways will be updated soon…

Now I’d like to hear from you:

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