reduce video size online free without watermark

Video file size can be quite big without optimizing in software.

If you Don’t go into too technical then there are lot’s of services online that make’s your life easier but they have huge hitting prices.

so, now I’m going to share some website & some settings of my video editing software.

If you want to export in SD, HD, or 4k it doesn’t matter I know it does but not that much lol.

The main game changer is Bitrate.

Bitrate can changes from 1000 to 6000 or even more.

If you don’t know any technical side of it & you have a video that you want to reduce video size.

Video Compressor

There are few steps to follow

reduce video size online free without watermark
  • Go to the website.
  • Choose Codec I recommend H264.
  • Choose Compression Method Target a file size in MB.
  • Just Enter the target file size.
  • Grab your video just drag & drop on this website that’s it.

Foe example –

If your video has below 1 GB then you can enter some where around 500 MB.

I use Davinchi Resolve, Kdenlive, Microsoft Video Editor & OBS.

Here is the link to all the softwares that I use.

Final Conclusion


These were my words based on my experiences.

I hope you loved this & If you find some thing useful.

What ever I wrote in above are my experience and things I actually Use.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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