increase website speed

Only these 3 plugins needed to increase website speed.

Speed is the ranking factor for google.

However google ask for website speed to be atleast above 80-90 score.

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It is my own experience sharing with you.

you only need these plugins to completely increase website speed.

there are many bloggers who adds up unnecessary plugins which affect your server & decrease load speed.

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increase website speed

There are Three Plugins I use for this blog.

  • Wp-Rocket
  • Asset CleanUp Pro
  • Plugins Garbage Collector (Database Cleanup)


This plugin is like all in one package, however it is a paid plugin.

You might don’t like paying stuff but trust me it does a lot then what you pay.

I will share some screenshot of genuine buyer’s reviews.

increase website speed

Wp-Rocket Got over 1000+ buyers gave above 4.5+ rating you can verify by clicking on TrustPilot.

I hope you got this now.

How Wp-rocket Work?

Wp-Rocket working is very simple.
* Install
* Active
* Use

increase website speed

This is how Wp-Rocket Dashboard Look.

So let’s see some options in wp-rocket.

  • Dashboard

In dashboard their is nothing special to explain but you get option to purge & reload cache.

  • cache

Here you can enable caching for separately for mobile devices in case if you are running sperate theme for mobile devices.

Their another option for enable / disable caching for admins. { I recommend keep it disable }

  • file optimization

In this step there are options to minify Html, CSS, & JavaScript.

  • media

you get Lazyload, WordPress Embeds, Webp Compatibility.

  • preload

Don’t touch any option just leave as it is.

  • advanced rules

Don’t touch any option just leave as it is.

  • database

There are options for Post Cleanup, Comments Cleanup, Transients Cleanup, Database Cleanup, & Automatic Cleanup.

  • CDN

Content Delivery network: There is field to add URL.

  • Heartbeat

It is very sensitive don’t click on this.

  • Add-on

Improve browser caching for Google Analytics

Improve browser caching for Facebook Pixel.

Varnish runs on your server.

Integrate your Cloudflare account with this add-on.

Synchronize Sucuri cache with this add-on.

  • Image Optimization

This is just a option to download other plugins.

  • Tools

This allows you to export your current setting to keep setting safe.

  • Tutorials

Just a tutorials.

Asset Cleanup Pro

This is also a must after wp-rocket.

wp-rocket & asset cleanup pro work differently & it’s work is also different.

However you need to be little bit technical to use this plugin, what i mean is only a little bit technical that’s it.

What & why is asset cleanup pro?

This plugin takes the scripts & it allows you to switch off / on.
Which leads to increase in performance of that single page / blog post.

Let’s take an real world example:

* let’s say you are creating new page for legal purpose like creating ” Privacy Policy” Page.
* Let’s think you have lot of plugins like Elementor, Divi Page Builder & some other heavy plugins.
* You are creating ” Privacy Policy “ page without any design then there is no use of any page builders on ” privacy policy page”. Right!
* yes, exactly this is where Asset cleanup pro comes into handy.
* Asset cleanup pro allows you disable the non-required plugins script.
* In this way size of unwanted plugin scripts does not affect speed of my ” privacy policy page “.
* This real world case Senario.

This is what i did for this plugins, after installing i just activated it.

That’s it, after that I just left it.

This is the most advanced plugin messing with plugin settings might break entire website.

The main part of Asset Cleanup Plugin is inside the Page / Post Section.

increase website speed

There is a option to expand the options & you can toggle the on / off the script.

There are 2 options to choose free & paid..

free – Asset cleanup

Paid – Asset Cleanup Pro

Plugins Garbage Collector (Database Cleanup)

This is final plugin I use to increase website speed.

This is a one of the most simple plugin to use. It does it’s work with just a click of a button.

increase website speed

As you can see in above image litreally there is a single button called “Scan Database”.

After clicking on that button it scans out all the tables in database & compares with activated & deactivated plugins with table.

The plugins which are not present but there tables remains in database.

It cleans up all the non-requried tables in database.

So, this is how this plugin keep website clean.

Plugins Garbage Collector

Final Conclusion


These were my words based on my experiences to increase website speed.

I hope you loved this & If you find some thing useful.

What ever I wrote in above are my experience and things I actually Use.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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