best design plugins for WordPress

So, my history goes like this.

My Personal Story

before I was using none of these plugins because I was actually hosted my website on so that’s the exact reason why was unable to experience the plugins & WordPress stuff.

before was named as Tech Error Eliminator

My Website blog on Blogger platform.

Old Ter 1
Old Tech Error Report Website

However blogger is a free hosting platform by google I was hosted their but as time passes experiences increases I just wanted to explore some new things in my life that’s where comes in I tried write articles there & I did write 1 article & left Off.

While I was surfing blindly on I got the link of WordPress.Org

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I know you might be confused by & but wait both are totally different. is a free hosting solution & is free Open source Software.

My Story Continues…

I clicked on the link & boom that’s where I found WordPress Software & in front of you.

If I continue my story then This blog post gets very huge.

Best Design Plugins for WordPress

I mainly use 2 Best Design Plugins for WordPress

  • Elementor
  • Kadence Block
  • Gutenberg


There is no doubt Elementor is the one of the best page builders.

it has been three years since I am using elementor plugin this page builder is one of the best page builder you can customise however you want whatever you want everything is under your control.

website can be designed from animations to free hand designing and you get lot of customizing of photos like blurring the background in increasing the word and decreasing background.

custom font and enhancing the background you can directly design hundred percent responsive design and beyond you can even customise in a such a way that I mean really responsive when it comes to different resolutions like desktop, tablet & mobile.

each and every relation has its own size and shape for mobile it is very responsive to mobile when it comes to desktop it is very responsive to desktop and when it comes to Tablet it is very responsive according to Tablet.

Responsive of Elementor in image.

Ter Desktop
  • The above image is Desktop based Website
Ter mobile
  • The above image is Mobile based Website.

This is what responsiveness mean.

Elementor Dashboard

element has a dashboard which can directly edit a website using just drag and drop method and widgets can be customised by hovering and clicking on a pencil option we can customise however we want.

This is how elementor dashboard looks.

2 best design plugins for WordPress

as you can see in above image there are some block where you can drag and drop wherever you want and however you want these blocks mainly called as widgets.

Elementor consist both free & pro version in pro there are lots of features will get unlocked. I mean they are really limitless in customization.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Theme & Kadence blocks are actually work together.

Using Kadence tool you can pretty much design website however you want and it is also known as one of the fastest theme in the market.

so, if you want the comparison between Kadence and Astra theme.

Kadence Theme is the best most downloaded theme on the WordPress market.

Currently it has 40k+ actively installed. Including me LOL

before I was using Astra because it was light weight but, when Kadence came in the market after a brief testing i came to conclusion to use Kadence Theme.

Kadence was beating Astra in milliseconds & in some other aspects.

Kadence pro offer more at less price Check the button below for more information.

this plugin is suitable for Commerce and bloggers and company owners this thing can pretty much can be used everywhere.

they are some plugins to support testing it can be for customisation or development.

there are some 14 additional plugins to Unleash the power of Kadence theme.

if you want to explore the power of Kadence then you need to take membership suite.

if you take early access it cost 169 dollar per year if you go to lifetime access it will cost only $599.

by taking membership you will get access to all of the themes and plugins plus any new themes and plugins will be released in a future.

  • you can use on unlimited websites
  • membership includes all the plugins and themes
  • Access to all the future updates.
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Check more details by clicking on button below.

Final Conclusion


These were my words based on my experiences on 2 best design plugins for WordPress.

I hope you loved this & If you find some thing useful.

What ever I wrote in above are my experience and things I actually Use.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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