Free SEO WordPress Plugins to Boost Organic Traffic

Free is awesome luckily we have some free stuff over the internet but in this post, I’m going to reveal some of the free tools (Free SEO WordPress Plugins to Boost Organic Traffic)

WordPress Plugins to Boost Organic Traffic are:

Prstha Tool

Prstha is a free On-Page SEO Tool for Beginner, Median, & Advanced Bloggers.
* Prstha Tool is Created & Developed & Designed By Sagar. He shares his years of blogging experience, packed into a bundle as a Single Tool.

This Tool is built for Passioned Bloggers who want to learn On-Page SEO.

It is Free, It will be Free forever & for everyone.

Step 1: Front Page of Prstha Tool


This is a starting interface of Prstha Tool and this is how it looks.

As you can see it has progress bar. after completing the steps it progress forward which shows in percentage.

  • First you need to complete verification step you need to enter the what it asks.
  • In this above picture verification you need to enter is 4. Things can change in future.

Step 2: Enter Title of Blog Post.

  • This is a second step.

You need to enter title / keyword of your blog post and click next.

Step 3: Titled Focued Keyword

  • Focus Keyword Section

If your title contains a keyword then you need to click on YES otherwise you need to click no.

After you click on yes you can see progress bar increasing to 8%

Click on Next Step.

For Example:

  • Targeted Keyword: Blog Post.
  • Targeted Title: How to write Blog Post.

As you can see above, Title contains keywords, If you have the same then you need to click on yes.

Check the blog tutorial on using Prstha ToolClick Here.

Check out The Prstha Tool – Click Here.

Fixed TOC

I’m Sorry to say but this is a paid plugin worth of $20 Dollars on Code Canyon.

This is how it looks on wordpress website there is a video on how actually it works on website.

As you saw in video you can hide the table of content whenever you want.

There are options available to customize the type heading you want like: h1, h2, h3, h4, h4, h6.

I personally kept only h1 & h2.

There are some other free alternatives Table of Content.

Smush Pro

I personally use paid one, if you want you can use free plugin or you can do without any plugin.

Smush plugin is image compressing software. It compresses the image using current servers resource.

It does some other stuff like lazy loading the images or videos, optimizing & compressing.

their is a small video which shows every thing it does.

Or Alternative to smush pro you can use ShortPixel.

ShortPixel is way more better then smush pro

currently, I’m going to switch to ShortPixel.

Rank Math

I personally use rank math for this blog.

Here is a short video just take a look at it.

  • Rank math has beginners setup which completes in 6 simple steps.
  • It has very clean & simple Interface.
  • It has in-built Advanced SEO tools.
  • You can directly Integrate & connect with Google Analytics.
  • Track your ranking in side dashboard.
  • Boost Organic Traffic.
  • WordPress Plugins to Boost Organic Traffic
  • & many more related to schema, keyword & Sitemaps…

There is Pro version it’s as cheap as $59.

  • Pro – $59
  • Business – $199

Free SEO WordPress Plugins – Rank Math

Pro Plugin – Rank math Pro

Site Kit

Google site kit is a free and open source tool to get & access following-

  • Search Console
  • Analytics
  • Adsense
  • Tag Manager
  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Optimize

You can directly connect with click of a button & access em all.

Google Site Kit don’t have any Pro Version

It has only free version.

Check out the official plugin link below

Free plugin – google Site Kit.

Final Conclusion


These were my words based on my experiences on Free SEO WordPress Plugins to Boost Organic Traffic.

I hope you loved this & If you find some thing useful.

What ever I wrote in above are my experience and things I actually Use.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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