Images can be quite heavy, if you want to upload on other websites.

Images can quite heavy as 5MB to 1GB.

There are so many websites which reduce size but according to my experience there is a website which reduces size up to 70 – 90 percent but quality of reduced size will be in top class.

Another Advantage of this website is, it uses it’s own resources on their server.

Here are some example images.

reduce image size without losing quality online

As you can see I uploaded horse and it’s size is 450.5 KB

I’ve Re-uploaded image many times

  • 1st-time image size reduced to 68%
  • 2nd time I’ve reuploaded the image and size was reduced by 42%
  • 3rd the time I’ve reuploaded it and there was no reduction.

If I calculate total file size reduced to 110%

The file size reduced from 451 KB to 84 KB.

reduce image size without losing quality online

As you can see their is no difference what so ever.

My Video Tutorial.

If You Don’t want to get too technical you can order for Image Size Reduction as cheap as 5 USD.

Final Conclusion


These were my words based on my experiences on reduce image size without losing quality online.

I hope you loved this & If you find some thing useful.

What ever I wrote in above are my experience and things I actually Use.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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