Udemy Courses Banned

Udemy Courses Banned

Hey, before telling you about ” How to Not Get Courses banned from Udemy “.

I wanna introduce myself, Hey guys I’m sagar instructor at udemy serving more than 3000+ students all over the world.

Here is my bio link about courses on udemy Sagar Udemy Page.

So, let’s get to the point.

While creating my 3rd-course Udemy banned my 2 courses one is paid and the other is a free course.

Unban Me

not once but 3 times udemy banned my course.

So, my story goes like this.

on my 1st course, udemy approved and made it live with no issues.

I created my 2nd course, udemy approved, and made it live without any issues.

then, I created my 3rd course I agree that I made some mistakes so, they did not approve then I corrected my mistakes. after they approved me.

After few months udemy suddenly banned my courses.

I was panicked.

I created a ticket saying ” I made no policy violation in case if I did Udemy shouldn’t approve my courses in the 1st placeUdemy ticket link.

few days pass by udemy unBanned my courses.

I was happy.

Again udemy banned both courses again.

Again, I made created a ticket after few days unbanned again.

Banning and un Banning happened to me 3 times in a row.

After getting frustrated I found and sent an Email[email protected].

This is what I sent:

My Courses are banned Without Any Reason.
Previously, I created 2 courses and was approved by udemy i got over 3000+ students but while creating 3rd course due to some violation while creating i got emails so, I corrected my mistakes and approved as well.  my other 2 courses are banned by your team without any reason.

And Approved again but Bannned again It doesn't make any sense.

I kindly request you to approve and unban my courses.
thank you

udemy Wanted me to remove text from the image (Thumbnail). So, after satisfying their requirements.

Finally, Udemy approved me and now courses are published without ban whatsoever.

My Udemy Courses Page Link.

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