Disclamer: These are estimated Earnings calculated based on their Number of Students & Courses.

Udemy Support all types of courses udemy serve their student’s demands.

Students from all over the world come here to learn something new.

when it comes to instructors. They are from somewhere in the corner around the world.

Even I have courses on udemy yes, you can say I’m Instructor too.

Till now I have 2 courses –

If you are a beginner in On-Page SEO. what I mean is If you don’t have a proper idea on how to Proper On-Page SEO. Then this course is for you.

I kept this course for free.

In this course, you are going to learn to build agency websites.

If you want to build your own agency/company website hiring is very expensive so, I’ve created a course on how to build your own Agency/Company Website.

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Let’s Get to the Point.

How Much Do Udemy Instructors Make?

Let’s take Dr.Angela Yu as an example.

How Much Do Udemy Instructors Make

Dr. Angela Yu Udemy Profile.

Till now the Date is 12-July-21. she got 897,494 Students and in total, she has 8 courses Published.

How Much Do Udemy Instructors Make

As you can see in the Above image she published 8 courses All of the 8 courses are priced at 490 Rupees roughly 5 USD.

So, we are going to do the math.

  • Each Course pricing – 490 Rupees or 5 USD
  • Total Number of Students – 897,494
  • Simple, Math is Multiplying 897,494 x 490 = 439,772,060 Indian Rupees
  • After converting to INR To USD like $5901472.78.

But this doesn’t end here.

Udemy Takes 50% Commission from all the Instructors.

  • if you 439,772,060 x 50% = 219,886,030 Indian Rupees.
  • After converting to INR To USD like $2950736.39

Yes, Her Net Worth Revenue from 8 Udemy Courses is Approx 2.9 Million Dollars.

I hope you got a small insight on How Much Do Udemy Instructors Make?

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Final Conclusion


I hope you loved this & If you find something useful.

Whatever I wrote above are my experience and things I actually use.

Thank you for reading about my experience.

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