firstly, let’s discuss:-

These are some of my problems with cooling a gaming laptop.

  • It spits lot of heat while gaming.
  • Increase in heating issue leads to performance lag.
  • As heat increases, Fan speed and noise increases.
  • As speed increase power withdraw from battery is more.
  • Cosumption of electricity and increase in heat leads to Destruction of laptop Battery.
  • Ultimatly, It’s you money.

This is how I made research on laptop heating issue.

firstly, I googled ” Best Ways To Keep Hot Gaming Laptop Cool ” and I found a lot of articles, forms, video tutorials and I even got some ads regarding heating issues products.

I gained all knowledge like whatever information I can get.

Get some advice from your local computer shops trust me they are professionals.

Solution for Heating problem

  • Don’t expose laptop directly to the sun light while gaming.
  • It’s good practice to game in AC or under fan.
  • If your gaming laptop is old then you need to replace with new thermal paste & some of the best thermal pastes are listed below.
  • Remove your backpanel and clean the dust buy using blower or with cotton cloth. Dust Blower Link.
  • use Cooling Pad beneath your laptop. Cooling pad Link.
  • Don’t cover laptop’s upper/side vents.
  • Don’t run multiple Games and softwares at a time.
  • If you are streamer it’s better to use Capture card for recording your game videos. Capture card Link.

So, these are some of the methods I use to fix the Asus tuf a15 cooling problem.

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