Battlefield 2042 is the latest entry in the popular first-person shooter franchise, set in the near-future where a world ravaged by climate disasters and political unrest has led to all-out war. Since its release, fans of the franchise have been eagerly anticipating updates that will bring back some of their favorite features from previous Battlefield games. In this blog post, we’ll explore when we can expect future updates to bring back these fan-favorite features.

Important Points:

Before we dive into the potential updates for Battlefield 2042, it’s important to understand some key points about the game and its development. Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Battlefield 2042: Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is set in a near-future world where global conflicts have escalated to all-out war, and features large-scale battles across multiple locations.

  • Fan-Favorite Features: Fans of the Battlefield franchise have been asking for the return of several features from previous games, such as the commander mode, destructible environments, and more.

  • Updates: DICE has announced plans to release updates for Battlefield 2042 that will address player feedback and improve the game. However, the specific features and changes that will be included in these updates have not yet been confirmed.


What is commander mode in Battlefield, and will it be returning in Battlefield 2042?

Commander mode is a feature in previous Battlefield games that allows a player to take on the role of a commander and manage their team from a strategic perspective. While it has not been confirmed whether commander mode will be returning in Battlefield 2042, there have been hints that it may make a comeback in future updates.

Will destructible environments be returning in Battlefield 2042?

Destructible environments have been a popular feature in previous Battlefield games, allowing players to use explosives and other weapons to destroy buildings and other structures. While Battlefield 2042 does feature some destructible elements, it has been criticized for not offering as much destruction as previous games. It’s unclear whether future updates will address this feedback and bring back more destructibility.

When can we expect future updates for Battlefield 2042?

DICE has announced that updates for Battlefield 2042 will be released on a regular basis, with the first major update expected to arrive in early 2022. However, the specific features and changes that will be included in these updates have not yet been confirmed.


  • Regular updates: The promise of regular updates for Battlefield 2042 is a major draw for fans, as it suggests that the developers are committed to addressing player feedback and improving the game over time.

  • Potential for fan-favorite features: While it’s unclear which specific features will be included in future updates, the fact that DICE is listening to player feedback and considering bringing back fan-favorite features is encouraging.

  • Strong foundation: Despite some criticisms, Battlefield 2042 has a strong foundation and offers a compelling multiplayer experience that is sure to keep players engaged over time.


  • Uncertainty: The fact that we don’t yet know exactly which features will be included in future updates can be frustrating for fans who are eager to see the return of their favorite elements from previous Battlefield games.

  • Limited destructibility: Some players have criticized Battlefield 2042 for not offering as much destructibility as previous games, which may be a turn-off for fans who enjoy that aspect of the franchise.

  • Bugs and glitches: Like any new game, Battlefield 2042 has had its share of bugs and glitches that can be frustrating for players. While future updates may address some of these issues, it’s important for players to be patient and understanding that game development is a complex process that takes time.

Final Conclusion:

Overall, the future updates for Battlefield 2042 have the potential to bring back fan-favorite features and improve the game in meaningful ways. While we don’t yet know exactly what these updates will entail, the promise of regular updates and the fact that DICE is listening to player feedback is encouraging. It’s important for players to remain patient and understanding as the developers work to improve the game, and to continue providing constructive feedback that can help shape the future of the franchise.

As Battlefield 2042 continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the updates impact the game and whether fan-favorite features make a comeback. In the meantime, players can enjoy the strong foundation of the game and the thrilling multiplayer battles that it offers. With the potential for regular updates and improvements, there is no doubt that Battlefield 2042 has the potential to be one of the best entries in the franchise yet.

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