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Here are some of the key benefits of the latest iPadOS update:

  • Redesigned widgets: The latest iPadOS update allows users to place widgets on the home screen, offering quick access to important information and app features. Widgets have been redesigned to offer more customization options and provide more data at a glance.

  • Improved handwriting recognition: iPadOS 14 introduces improved handwriting recognition that can convert handwritten text into typed text, making it easier to take notes or write messages.

  • New app features: Several built-in apps have received updates in iPadOS 14, including new features in Safari, Messages, and Photos. For example, Safari now includes a built-in translator, while Messages has new Memoji customization options.

  • Universal Search: iPadOS 14 introduced a new Universal Search feature that allows users to quickly find and launch apps, contacts, files, and more from anywhere on the iPad.

  • Siri improvements: Siri has received several improvements in iPadOS 14, including a redesigned interface that takes up less screen space and the ability to send audio messages.

  • Privacy enhancements: iPadOS 14 includes several new privacy features, such as new indicators that show when an app is using the microphone or camera, and enhanced controls over app permissions.

  • Compact UI: iPadOS 14 introduced a new Compact UI for phone and FaceTime calls, Siri interactions, and Search, which minimizes the disruption of using the device.

  • Handoff improvements: Handoff now works more seamlessly between iPad and Mac, enabling users to switch devices and continue their tasks without interruption.

  • Augmented Reality (AR): With the introduction of ARKit 4, iPadOS 14 provides more advanced and realistic AR experiences.

  • Scribble: Users can write directly in any text field with Apple Pencil, and the handwritten text is automatically converted to typed text. This feature makes it easier to take notes and write messages.

  • App Clips: Users can access a small part of an app to quickly perform a specific task, such as ordering food or renting a scooter, without downloading the entire app.

  • Home App: The Home App has been updated with new automation suggestions and features, making it easier to control and manage smart home devices.

  • CarPlay: CarPlay now supports new app categories and wallpapers, and users can use Siri to send audio messages and share their ETA.

  • Files app: The Files app has been updated to make it easier to organize and access files. Users can also share folders with other users and access shared folders.

Overall, the latest iPadOS update offers several new features and enhancements that make the iPad more powerful, productive, and enjoyable to use.

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