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Here are seven blogs that provide insights and analysis on general trends:

  1. TrendWatching: This blog offers trend reports and insights across various industries and markets.
  2. Trend Hunter: This blog is dedicated to tracking and sharing the latest trends in marketing, design, technology, and pop culture.
  3. Fast Company: This blog focuses on innovation, leadership, and trends in business and technology.
  4. Mashable: This blog covers the latest trends and news in social media, technology, and entertainment.
  5. Pew Research Center: This blog provides data-driven insights and analysis on social and demographic trends, including politics, media, and technology.
  6. McKinsey & Company: This blog provides insights on global trends in business, technology, and leadership.
  7. Harvard Business Review: This blog features articles and analysis on business and management trends, as well as research-based insights on leadership and innovation.

Here are seven more blogs that cover general trends:

  1. Gartner: This blog offers research and insights on technology trends, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.
  2. Nielsen: This blog provides insights on consumer trends, including shopping and media consumption habits.
  3. Deloitte Insights: This blog offers analysis and research on business and economic trends, including global trade, innovation, and sustainability.
  4. Entrepreneur: This blog covers trends and news in business, startups, marketing, and leadership.
  5. Social Media Today: This blog offers insights and analysis on social media trends, including platform updates, content strategies, and influencer marketing.
  6. The Verge: This blog covers trends and news in technology, science, and culture, including the latest gadgets and innovations.
  7. Cool Hunting: This blog focuses on emerging trends in design, art, travel, and food, offering insights into the latest trends and emerging creative movements..

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