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As of my current knowledge cutoff date of February 2023, Apple has not officially announced any details about the next Mac Pro featuring Apple Silicon. However, based on recent trends and rumors, here are some possible features and upgrades that could be included in the next generation Mac Pro:

  • Apple Silicon: One of the most anticipated features of the next Mac Pro is the use of Apple’s in-house designed processors, replacing the Intel processors that have been used in previous generations. Apple Silicon promises to deliver improved performance, energy efficiency, and integration with the Apple ecosystem.

  • Design: It’s possible that the next Mac Pro will see a redesign, potentially incorporating a more compact form factor or updated external appearance. Apple has previously made significant design changes to its desktop line, such as the switch to a cylindrical design for the 2013 Mac Pro.

  • Ports: The next Mac Pro may feature a variety of ports for connectivity, including Thunderbolt 4, USB 4, and potentially HDMI 2.1. It’s also possible that Apple may include additional specialized ports for professional use cases, such as SD card slots or optical audio output.

  • Memory and storage: The next Mac Pro could see significant improvements in both memory and storage. Apple may offer configurations with up to 512GB or 1TB of RAM, as well as options for high-speed SSDs or larger traditional hard drives.

  • Graphics: The next Mac Pro could see upgrades to the graphics processing capabilities, potentially featuring new dedicated GPUs from Apple or AMD. This could make the next Mac Pro a powerful workstation for high-end graphics and video editing applications.

  • Cooling system: With the potential for higher-performance processors and graphics, the next Mac Pro may require an advanced cooling system to prevent overheating. Apple may use liquid cooling or other innovative solutions to manage heat dissipation.

Here are some additional details to consider:

  • Performance: Apple has emphasized the performance benefits of its in-house processors, and it’s likely that the next Mac Pro will feature a processor that’s even more powerful than what’s currently available in its laptops and other desktops. This could translate to faster rendering times for video, audio, and other intensive tasks, as well as improved multitasking and overall system responsiveness.

  • Upgradeability: One concern with previous Mac Pro designs is that they were not easily upgradeable, which limited their longevity and appeal for professional users. It’s possible that the next Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will be designed with upgradeability in mind, allowing users to easily swap out components such as memory, storage, and graphics cards.

  • Pro Display XDR integration: The Pro Display XDR is Apple’s high-end monitor for professional users, and it’s likely that the next Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will be optimized to work seamlessly with this display. This could include features such as improved color accuracy, automatic calibration, and high refresh rates for smooth video playback.

  • macOS updates: With the transition to Apple Silicon, Apple has been releasing updates to macOS that are optimized for its in-house processors. It’s likely that the next Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will ship with the latest version of macOS, as well as updates that are specifically tailored for the new hardware.

  • Price: The Mac Pro has historically been one of Apple’s most expensive desktops, and it’s likely that the next Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will also come with a high price tag. However, Apple may offer different configurations and price points to cater to different professional use cases and budgets.

Overall, the next Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is likely to be a significant update that offers improved performance, upgradeability, and integration with other Apple products. While specific details and release dates have not yet been confirmed, it’s worth keeping an eye on Apple’s announcements and updates for more information.

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