WWDC 2023


  • Introduce the topic of bringing the virtual world to reality through Vision Pro.

WWDC 2023 Apple’s Live Event

Apple’s EyeSigh System

  • Explain Apple’s EyeSigh system that features the user’s eyes on the headset display.
  • Describe the glowing screen that appears when the user is in full VR mode.

Passthrough Video and Real-world Projection

  • Discuss how Vision Pro uses passthrough video to allow users to see the real world in full color.
  • Explain how users can project 3D content into their real space, creating a deja vu experience.

Vision Pro: Augmented and Full VR

  • Highlight that Vision Pro can switch between augmented and full virtual reality.
  • Describe how the headset is perfect for workspace or remote work.

Integration with Apple Devices

  • Discuss how Vision Pro easily syncs with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.
  • Emphasize that all apps and widgets appear right in front of the user.

Vision Pro vs Meta’s Quest Pro

  • Compare Vision Pro’s front-facing eye display with Meta’s module for its headgear.
  • Highlight the uniqueness of Vision Pro’s features.

Apple WWDC 2023: Introduction of Vision Pro

  • Discuss Apple’s announcement and unveiling of Vision Pro at WWDC 2023.

New Features for Apple Watch

  • Mention the introduction of new cycling features and Snoopy watch faces for Apple Watch.

Updates for Apple Watch OS

  • Highlight the new features and interface introduced for Apple Watch OS.

Enhancements in Audio and Home Experiences

  • Discuss Apple’s announcement of new audio features, including adaptive audio for AirPods.

macOS Sonoma: New Operating System for Desktop

  • Mention the introduction of macOS Sonoma, the updated operating system for desktops.

iPadOS Updates and Features

  • Highlight the new features introduced for iPadOS, including flexible layouts and offline Maps.

New Game Porting Toolkit for Developers

  • Discuss the introduction of the Game Porting Toolkit for Metal, making game evaluation easier.

Personalized Lock Screen for iPad

  • Explain how iPadOS now supports customizable wallpapers and lock screen widgets.

Interactive Widgets in iOS 17

  • Discuss the introduction of interactive widgets for iPhone users.

iOS 17: Major Updates for iPhone

  • Provide an overview of the major updates and features introduced in iOS 17.

New Chips and Updates for Macs

  • Mention the introduction of two new chips, M2 Max and M2 Ultra, and updates for Mac Studio.


  • Summarize the benefits and features of Vision Pro and Apple’s WWDC 2023 announcements.

Apple Vision Pro: Step into a World of Spatial Magic.

Go to the Official Website of Apple Vision Pro.

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