What is BIOS in computer?


What is BIOS in Computer?

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. You must know that BIOS is one of the most important parts of a computer. And without BIOS you can’t turn on and use your computer. So, you can say that it fills life of a computer without which a computer is just a box with so many devices and chips attached to it. Let me explain BIOS in detail Actually, BIOS is a program that is stored in a chip placed on the motherboard of a computer. Whenever you buy a new PC then it comes with it as it is an integral part of a computer. You must be wondering about why it takes a little time for the computer to load when you turn it on, it is because of the BIOS. Whenever a PC is turned on, then the first thing that happens is checking and loading all the devices attached to the computer for its proper functionality and this is done by the BIOS.

Functions of BIOS

BIOS POST (Power On Self Test)

The first function of BIOS is POST. POST stands for Power On Self Test). Whenever a computer boots, the first thing that happens is checking of all the hardware and devices attached to the computer for their working and compatibility. On turning on the computer you must have heard a beep sound. That is the indication that the POST has been successfully passed. But if it fails then the beep sound is not generated instead it will show an error. This whole process is performed by BIOS.

Bootstrap loader

Next ting after POST, BIOS loads the operating system in RAM. This is done with the help of a program called bootstrap loader. This bootstrap loader loads the operating system and starts computer.

BIOS setup system utility

BIOS reads all the information and the parameters from CMOS. CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) is an efficient storage devices which are used to construct NVRAM. NVRAM contains all the information regarding a computer such as settings of the disk memory, DISK type etc. are stored in this.

System service routines

Another major function of BIOS is to provide several software routines. Those software routines can be called by the major and high-level software such as DOS, Windows etc to perform their functions. BIOS programs control all those tasks which involve accessing the system hardware. It reads and writes from hard disk, processes information received from devices and so on.

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