Use what’s app and facebook and other social chats without internet.

You can use WhatsApp and Facebook without internet

If you get to use WhatsApp and Facebook without internet. Whether it sounds intimidating or not, this is true. Here I am telling you about a SIM using which you can run WhatsApp and Facebook without a data pack.

Third party image from tejtel The name of this sim is ChatSIM. This SIM works on all smartphones. This can be used in micro and nano card slots. With this SIM card you can send a message to your friends anywhere in the world without internet. This SIM works even in roaming.

Where to buy SIM

To buy ChatSIM, you can first go to the company’s official website chatsim here you will get this SIM with a shipping charge. In addition, this SIM e-commerce website Amazon is also selling this, but for that you have to pay a little more money.

Recharge Packs

Recharge packs for sending messages and emoji with SIM will also be given at price is Rs. 1250.

After the entry of Jio, the prices of data packs have fallen drastically. This SIM can cost you a lot of money. But without a network, if you want to run FB and WhatsApp, this is the best SIM.

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