Types of ways to determine sound card on your pc


There are many ways to determine which type of sound card is utilized by your computer. The following sections show several methods that should yield similar results, just with varying levels of information and detail. Manufactured Computers For those of you who have an OEM machine, (e.g. Dell, HP, Sony, or Apple) visit the manufacturer’s site and then do a search for your computer’s model number. Specifications for your computer model are usually available and you can review them to determine which sound card is installed in your computer. Using the Windows Key shortcut Press the Windows key + Pause key. In the window that appears, select Device Manager. Click the Arrow next to Sound, video and game controllers. Your sound card is in the list that appears. Through the search box Microsoft Windows users can determine their sound card by following the steps below. Click the Start Button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, or navigate to the Start Screen in Windows 8. Windows 10 users can skip to step 2. Locate the Search Box in the lower left-hand corner of the window that appears. Windows 8 users may just start typing on the Start Screen. Windows 10 users can use the Search box located on the taskbar, next to the Start button. Type dxdiag and press Enter. Your sound card is listed under one (usually the last) of the sound tabs at the top of the window. Other methods for determining the sound card type Looking at the Sound Card Another method of determining the sound card manufacturer or model is by opening your computer case and physically examining the sound card. Commonly, the sound card manufacturer name and model number is printed on the card itself. If the information you need is not printed on the card, you may use an FCC identification number to search its specifications. Alternative Search Method In the Windows Search Box, type System Information and press Enter. Click the + next to Components, then Sound Device.

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