Strong password can keep hacker’s away from our Accounts

Strong password

Strong password is the only way to keep your Account(G-mail, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, yahoo, Hotmail and manymore) safe from hackers.

So, many peoples keep there password like test123, 123456789, randomly manyother password which is vulnerable or which will hacked easily.


if you want to choose strong password please donot search strong passwords online and there are online password generator please don’t use online tools.

The fact is online password generator are the hacked password which are suggested to used or some kind a algorithms are designed to generate random passwords and I don’t recommend those password to be kept, guys you know what I’m trying to say.

Strong password
Strong password

Now here comes main part how to choose strong password

you know what don’t choose just try to create new password and they should be creative and effective passwords.

so, follow my steps

●Use minimum of 8-12 in length.

● Use CAPITAL LETTER as your 1st word of your password.

example-Samleo 1st letter capital letter.

● Use your 2nd word as SYMBOL you can use any like +, ×, !, =, %, @, $, ₩, €, …….

● Use 3rd word of your wish or lower case

Remember- Password is a case sensitive which means there is a huge difference between small a & capital A{a&A}.

Some terms in technical words

The rate at which an attacker can submit guessed passwords to the system is a key factor in determining system security. Some systems impose a time-out of several seconds after a small number of failed password entry attempts. In the absence of other vulnerabilities, such systems can be effectively secured with relatively simple passwords. However the system must store information about the user passwords in some form and if that information is stolen, say by breaching system security, the user passwords can be at risk.

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