Ultimate Best Way to Make Money Online for Lifetime – 1

On this page you’ll find all the best ways to make money online in your spare time whilst at university based on our own experience. We’ll keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it. And please do share your own ideas in the comments!

Make Money Online With And Without Investment (Series-1)

On this page i will divide into Categories,  make money online

-: With-Out Investment

-: With-Investment

make money online



let’s take a look at “with-out investment”


i recommend you not to stick with single paragraph please read this post completely


earn money onlineMake money online with-out investment by becoming youtuber

I will mention some of the possible ways on youtube

  1. By Moneterizing your youtube channel.
  2. Earn by Promoting other youtube channels.
  3. similarly by promoting other apps and services.
  4. By including paid promotions.
  5. Affiliate marketing. (Amazon, Flipkart, & many more..)
  6. By franchise design your brand logo on T-shirt and promote on your channel.As views buys you will get paid on.
  7. By selling next level Tutorials and promote it.
  8. By making your own some types of tips n trick write it on PDF and sell PDF by promoting on your channel.


make money online

Let’s us Assume (Your Monthly Income from YouTube )
You  have  reached  your goal nearly  60k(60,000)  Subscribers  on  your

earn money online



Let’s Estimate your monthly Income


earn money online

1st   Moneterizing your youtube channel can make you nearly 400 – 800 USD .

make money online

Remember – Content on your YouTube channel should be good




Earn Money Online

2nd  Other YouTubers request you to promrote there channel on your channel for some amount so, you can demand upto 100 – 150 USD

make money online

Caution – Don’t Demand for too much money there client might not get in future days .





make money online



3rd  promoting other apps and services – App Developers Them Self Approach you for Promotion so, you can demand upto 300 – 400 USD 

make money online Caution – Don’t Demand for too much money there client might not get in future days .






earn money online

4th  Including paid promotion – Huge companies will Approach you for there promotion money can be demanded upto 400 – 600 USD 

make money online Caution – Don’t Demand for too much money there client might not get in future days .






earn money online

5th  Affiliate marketing (Amazon, Flipkart, & many more..) companies like amazon, snapdeal provide affiliate marketing just the thing you have to do is after signing up with the companies they provide you unique link put that link in YouTube video discrpition when ever viewers click & buy through your link you will get small commision. you can expect upto 200+ USD





earn money online 6th franchise – these companies allow you to design your own designs on T-shirt, hoodies many more… there are many companies like

TeeShopper, for indians

franchise International Brands and many more…….

And the thing you can do is just Promote on  your YouTube Channel Aprox. you can earn upto 100 USD



earn money online


7th  selling Video Tutorials – however you are familiar with making videos, you can spare some part of videos by not posting to YouTube and you can sell them online there are some payment gateway for both national and international users like 

Instamojo –  This is the  trusted and secure payment gateway.

Paypal –  This is the  trusted and  secure payment gateway internationally.

Earning can be estimated upto minimum of 30 – 500 USD


earn money online



8th Selling PDF – Your sell PDF on promote on your YouTube channel.

you can use payment gateway as ——————–

Instamojo –  This is the  trusted and secure payment gateway.

Paypal –  This is the  trusted and secure payment gateway internationally.

Here you can make minimum of 30 – 500+ USD


After All Of This let’s Calculate Your Worth Revenue Per Month(RPM)

Make Money Online


TIP – There Is Another Last Method Which Is Worth It Is Locked You Need To Buy In Order Unlock The Tip 




Make money

make money

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Make Money Online

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