Instant cool your Android device while playing heavy game.

Android device

Disclaimer: This might make’s you to shout how crazy is this article but trust me this will work without any doubt .

In this modern day everyone in this world every people use handy tech which is known as Android or iPhone .

And many of them love to play high graphic games.

If we see in the form of equality
high graphics game=more battery drain +extreme heat produce

I this world technology is a trending items like (Android,Mac,iPhone) gaming console oftenly get heated while playing games so here I am to demonstrate how to fix that heat and make your gameplay smoother

This step might make you laugh but remember this trick really worked.

 This is my personal experience.

If you are Indian you will be well familiar with water pouch(The pouch which contain chill water. )

android deviceCool your phone – Tech Error Eliminator

Step 1
While playing games with your Android or iPhone hold water pouch behind the device and make your comfort.


As water drags the heat from your phone will stay in normal temperature as water in the pouch becomes warm and replace with another water pouch yes it pretty cheap.

This will keep your phone cool and your gameplay will be smoother



Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
Better thermal conduction between components and EMI shield/chassis Through-thickness heat conduction

Distribute heat evenly and prevent hotspots.
Made of graphite/graphene, copper, or aluminum.
Provide lateral heat conduction.
Conduct heat away from SoC to PCB ground plane.
Distribute heat through the PCB.
Provide limited improvements and are relatively expensive.
Need for thermal management for mobile devices

Smart thermal management algorithms are required that can effectively trade-off:
 Performance
 Power
 Temperature
 User experience

With increasing integration of advanced functionality, mobile device power consumption is rapidly increasing.

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